EDIT: Hello from the future! This post is part of the old blog. That means it may be deprecated. However, I deemed it valuable enough to keep around. The new blog starts here!

Four years have gone by and the blog is in need of some love.

This is my yearly recap and forecap. I look at what I didn't do in the last year and what I will do in the next. It used to be very much about the blog. As time went by it has become a review of where I was and where I want to be.


The numbers for this year tell me that I should return to blogging a little more strongly.

  • 5 posts including this one.
  • 0 posts in French
  • 2 longer, essay-like posts

Last year's goals:

  • More or equivalent number of open-source contributions
  • Deepen current knowledge
  • Sustain writing efforts in English and French

More or equivalent number of open-source contributions According to GitHub I made 81 open-source contributions in the last year. By my count I contributed to 5 external projects and 4 of my own. It is not as much as many other well-known people, but I am satisfied with those numbers. I am pretty sure it's an improvement on last year - next year I will compare with this one.

I have been polishing my own projects and I have helped on the documentation for a couple projects. I even edited for myself 4 chapters of the Sublime Text Power User Book by Wes Bos.

Deepen current knowledge. I knew this goal was going to be hard to quantify. I do feel like I know more about Python and Nim than I did before. I learned how to write a lisp, a mustache parser and an Android application (coming soon!). This goal is lifelong, but I will put a double twist on it this year. That's because I wanted to read more code in the last year, but I didn't.

Sustain writing efforts in English and French. Um... yeah. Not so much, eh? Working on the blog and writing articles had positive side-effects in the past. Not having a more stringent goal to keep it up made me less rigorous than I wanted and I wasn't able to reap as much of those rewards this year. Je dois écrire plus d'articles en français par ailleurs!


So I have work to do for the next year. I want to get significantly better, so I will have to step-up my game this year. Here are the goals:

  • Get a job
  • Read at least 2 programming-focused books and read the code of at least 2 projects
  • Make an improvement to the blog every two weeks
  • Complete 5 programming exercises per week
  • More open-source contributions

So the coming year will be about levelling-up. Some of these numbers might seem low but they are about persistence and reachability. I want to work at a sustainable pace. Keeping low numbers ensures that. Furthermore, small numbers are reachable. I am orienting my process toward constant small victories. This approach is part of that. More and more I will push to work on 'real' programming projects - whatever that means!

It has been a lacklustre year. Let's pick ourselves up and do something of our life!