EDIT: Hello from the future! This post is part of the old blog. That means it may be deprecated. However, I deemed it valuable enough to keep around. The new blog starts here!

What? Three years have gone by and the blog is still standing?

This is my yearly recap and forecap. I look at what I did in the past year and what I hope to be doing in the next. It used to be very much about the blog, but as time goes by it has become more general.


To the numbers!

  • 12 posts including this one.
  • 2 posts in French
  • 4 longer, essay-like posts

Last year's goals (of sorts):

  • Converge all my programming work to at most 3 languages: Python, Nimrod and something else
  • Write even more (quantitatively) essay-like posts
  • Write post not just as filler but as thoughtful endeavours
  • Select 1 or 2 side projects and stick to them all year/until completion

Converge programming efforts to at most 3 languages I really only focused on Python and Nimrod this year. All of my day to day research has been done in Python. What I noticed was that unless I seeked out external examples or decided to consciously investigate a language feature, I could easily cruise by and simply stagnate. Although I learned some things by osmosis, it seems like a more involved approach works better for me. This is how I learned about Python decorators and object-oriented design in Python (which is completely different from learning object-oriented features of Python). As for Nimrod, it has been my spare time language of choice and I count on working with it more and more. It is a better C in my mind. I didn't have time for a third language, but I do want to expand my horizons to different paradigms.

Write more essay-like posts + Write post not just as filler but as thoughtful endeavours. So the ratio of lengthy posts to short posts has improved from 1:5 to 1:3. Quantitatively, I wrote as many essay posts this year as last year. I have only been writing less! This was also the intention, so I am satisfied with this. In particular, my documentation post expressed a lot of things that were on my mind. I am also quite happy with wrapping up 'On Liberty' (see here and there). I have been writing for another outlet (but on completely different topics) so the frequency of posts have dropped. Focus is better and I will continue on a similar path. Je veux continuer à produire des articles en français par contre donc je vais devoir être plus assidu sur ce plan.

Select 1 or 2 side projects and stick to them. As I mentioned, Nimrod has been my side-language of choice this year; I primarily worked on two projects: commandeer and threedacto. I am 'a-ok' proud of my work on commandeer. It's a small domain specific language to define the expected command-line arguments and switches of a program and exit upon unsatisfactory arguments. There is still some things I want to add to the project, but it is inching closer to the kind of library I wish I had. Threedacto is just an exploration of Nimrod for a more meaty project and a way for me to learn game programming (I highly recommend Game Programming Patterns by the way!)

I have also continued making open-source contributions. I want to continually improve and this is a good way to do so. I might however try to spend some more time just reading code.


Yes I made up that word - boom!

Forecap. noun Defn. A summary of things to come, a future recap.

The goals for the next year are the following:

  • More or equivalent number of open-source contributions
  • Deepen current knowledge
  • Sustain writing efforts in English and French

So the coming year will be more about endurance. I want to simply keep on fighting the good fight (despite upcoming changes in my routine). I also want to continue progressing more and more through real programming projects.

It has been a solid if bare-bone year. Let's just stay calm and carry on!