EDIT: Hello from the future! This post is part of the old blog. That means it may be deprecated. However, I deemed it valuable enough to keep around. The new blog starts here!

Yay! Two years have gone-by and the blog is still standing!

In my yearly state of the blog address, I highlight some of the past year achievements and mostly discuss where I want to go forward. It's more of a personal milestone. When I say that, I am imagining a small menhir along a fictitious "Road Programmer" road... and really you should too.

Let's look at some numbers:

  • 21 posts including this one.
  • 5 posts in French
  • 4 longer, essay-like posts
  • No more git commits (heresy!)

During and in the months following the last state of the blog, I outlined the goals I was aiming at this past year. Here is a quick reminder of them:

  • Post every 2 weeks (Changed from post every week. Also includes foregoing the minor updates post)
  • Post essay-like posts more often
  • Work/complete a side project

The only legacy goal from the first year was to post in French 1/4 of the time. "Achievement unlocked!", may I say.


Posting every two weeks got short shrifted. Because I decided to stop posting minor silly updates, it became much harder to pump out content every week. While this did allow me to focus on getting more significant posts through the door (notice that about a fifth of the posts were more essay like and I am more happy with those than the ones of the previous year), it also simply meant less posts. However, I pursued weekly work on the site even if there were no posts to highlight it: CSS fixes, Google Analytics, Pelican transition and so on are examples of that. I address below how I will approach posting in the future having had that experience.

Post essay-like posts more often. I mentioned this above in passing, but it bears repeating: I upped the ratio of meaty to light posts this past year from a 1:16 ratio to a 1:5 ratio. I am pretty happy with that endeavour and I will continue on this path.

Work/complete a side project. I've definitely worked on many side projects - whether 'side' here means for school or work, or whether it means for personal satisfaction. I've completed some, but I would like to finish off some more. I would also like to focus my efforts. I often times suffer from the "Oh. Squirrel!" syndrome. Whenever there is something that doesn't work like I would like it to, I add it to my mental list of things to do. And over time this list just bogs me down. I never act on it and the more I learn the more I realize that those are hard things to fix both from a technological point of view and from a usefulness point of view - one's expected default is another's problematic default and so on. The reality might be that my fix is not only not useful but just additive to the ambient white noise and thus unhelpful to others.

On a more positive side, I have started making very small and sporadic open-source contributions. This is very encouraging as I have so far not have bad encounters and the process has made me learn a ton. I will try to do a post on that later.

The Goals

  • Converge all my programming work to at most 3 languages this year: Python, Nimrod (EDIT: Nim) and something else (we'll see)
  • Write even more (quantitatively) essay-like posts
  • Write post not just as filler but as thoughtful endeavours
  • Select 1 or 2 side projects and stick to them all year/until completion

So the coming year will be more about focus. I've decided to forego the posting quota and direct my energies at doing higher quality work. I also want to do some real progress in accomplishing programming stuff.

It has been an alright year all in all. Let's carry forward!