EDIT: Hello from the future! This post is part of the old blog. That means it may be deprecated. However, I deemed it valuable enough to keep around. The new blog starts here!

Yay! One year has gone-by and the blog is still standing!

Let's look at some numbers:

  • 43 posts including this one.
  • 8 posts in French
  • 3 longer, essay-like posts
  • 3 #challenges (+1 #challenge edit)
  • 49 git commits
  • 15 categories

The first goal was to improve the site every week. I think that one can be checked off positively. 43 posts out of 52 weeks and 49 git commits are good enough for me.

I also wanted to have a blog post in French every ~4 posts, but that didn't really turn out that well. This goal definitely needs more work on my part.

The third challenge was to learn Ruby which I did in some sense by building a useful sinatra website. So I am pretty much done with this one.

And now for the future. Instead of '#challenges' I will have simple goals. What I had in mind for #challenges turned out to be too fancy (I had a lot of ideas in mind but it was just too complicated). Just having goals is good enough for me.

So the goals:

  • Post every week
  • Post essay-like posts more often
  • Work/complete a side project

I will still post something every week or so. Doing that all year long kept me sharp and continuously learning. I've definitely learned a great deal from this and I intend to keep on this path. I won't necessarily update the site's code as often though since it's getting to a point where I am satisfied with it. The focus will be on lengthier and more thoughtful posts (hopefully ;) ).

That's so that I can focus on side projects. I am slowly but surely working on a python pet project right now and I already have another project in mind. By spending more time on them, I hope to add a projects section to the site and maybe post some stuff there.

So that's that for this year. Let's carry on!