EDIT: Hello from the future! This post is part of the old blog. That means it may be deprecated. However, I deemed it valuable enough to keep around. The new blog starts here!

First! This is my first post for what is admittedly my first real blogging experience. This is mainly going to be a place where I :

  1. Experiment with Wordpress
  2. Aggregrate my web/software development notes that I take as I go along in this world
  3. Share my thoughts and ideas on plenty of subjects

Right now the blog's pretty bare, isn't it? Bullet point #1 comes into play here. I pledge to add something new to the site every week. Yep, every week. That something may be small or big, visible or not. A small blog post will accompany the change to explain it. This is my first #challenge.

#challenge (à-la-LifeHacker hashtags) is my way of identifying a challenge / goal I will be following throughout this blog. I love innovation by constraint and as my blog progresses you will probably see me adding new challenges.

Now that you know what this blog is about (in a very vague way I guess) , what can you expect in the future? Book and movie reviews, philosophy, code, musings and tons of other great stuff!

Anyway, thanks for reading this far! I have some pretty sweet stuff in mind for the future so be sure to come back!